Monday, March 17, 2008


Emily's gonna KICK MY ASS if I don't post....

I don't even know what to say anymore! LOL...

I am getting ready to fly out to Calif soon ~ the end of April. Rob's youngest brother is getting married again (first wife died 2 wks after giving birth to their daughter). He has met the coolest chick! It took him forever (IMO) to pop the question! LOL

I'm going to be making their wedding cookie favors too. Yay! She picked out the hearts that have a bride's wedding dress and groom's tux w/white bowtie on them. Amy and I will be baking close to 200 of those suckers and then shipping them to my mom. I'll be flying there a week before the wedding and mom and my other SIL will help me decorate them, bag them up and tie them off.

That otta be fun since I also plan on having lunch a few days with my friends at my old job.

Still no job for me here. The temp agency doesn't have a lot going on. I could have had a job working at a bridal store...but they needed me THAT DAY that the temp place called me. Talk about last minute. We were having major sewer issues here in our apt that day, so I couldn't take a shower and Rob had taken the honda to work because his truck didn't start. So no way to take a shower and no way to get there. Guess that means something better is out there? LOL...let's hope so.

Right now I'm messing around making some Easter cookies for a friend back home who is out of work on leave until April 15th. I want to cheer her up. I've also been taking lots of great pic's around here, so I need to go post some on my photo site with Bear.

Ok, that's it for now I guess. LOL...Em, pretty please don't hurt me! Oh wait...I might like that tho! hehehe...especially coming from Em. :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And now...back to your regularly scheduled program....

Howdy peeps!!! I see some of my friends made it back here for my grand re~opening! Yay!!

I hope everyone's Turkey Day was good? We had dinner over at Amy's parents house and it was sooo good! I basically had breakfast that morning and then ate NOTHING until 6pm that night for dinner! tee hee pee....

Ate like a pig! I worked on the mashed tators and Amy like video taped me??? I thought she was taking a still pic...but nooo...she was video taping me!'s a funny 15 sec. movie. LOL...i'll get even one day, when she least expects it. bwah ha ha....

We've been working on some cookies for chiro dr is gonna let us put some cookies in there office with business cards. So we are working on that tomorrow. We tried getting into a craft fair this weekend at a local HS, but they were full up of vendors, so she took our name down for next year. In the meantime, today we found online that there's a bridal show coming up in January, so we filled out info for that and hopefully we can get in on that. We can make up some cookies for people to taste our work and then have a display of how you can do wedding favors by using cookies. hehe...we have some awesome ideas for that.

Gosh, I feel like I have nothing to blog about anymore! It's been so long I have forgotten what to say! LOL...but here are a couple pics of Rob and I that Amy took on Turkey Day for me.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Well, alrighty then!!!

It's been HOW LONG since I posted? wowza! Now for sure NO ONE will remember me. LOL

Boy oh boy do I miss the old days when we all use to blog more than hang out on the NSBB! hehehe...Emily (my FFF buddy!), Amy (my LLL), Chris, Tina (my F buddy!), Bob, Bear, Sue, Sherri, Danielle (wonder how the new baby is??), Amanda (oh the trouble that Amanda, Tina and I could get into! hehe), Jen...and the list goes on! I miss everyone...well except for Amy and Chris since I talk to them daily. LOL..and now that I live in Colorado Springs, I can see Amy any day I want. yay!

Some things never change tho...the NSBB is STILL NUTS-ZOID. only worse. LOL...I'm keeping my distance from there these days. It's a train wreck that only gets worse with each passing. So I think i'll stick to blogging again...hopefully I wont neglect it like I've done the past couple years...I mean, sheesh! A girl gets married (sorry Tina!) and she completely forgets to blog. tee hee pee.

Also, a girl gets married and GAINS weight. ugh. bleck.

Looking for work but hating it. LOL..Amy tries to help me by badgering me to call temp places. hehehe..jk amy! :) One down, a few more to go.

Oh hey Bear ~ I guess our blog is no longer a *west meets east* thing? LOL....any chance you want to start up our photo assignments again? Doesn't even need to be assignments per say...we could just post pics that we take for others to enjoy.

I hope everyone has a joyous Thanksgiving! We will be spending it at Amy's parents house this year. I've been allowed to bring my pumpkin cake. hehe...

Talk to me people! :)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Well Crap!!!

I completely missed out on Feb and March! LOLOL....

I am just so busy anymore with work, etc, life. bleh. Soon tho, work will be history. hehehe...that's all im saying. I have no idea who reads this crap. LOL....

Next week I fly to Colorado to attend Amy Smith's wedding vow renewal! yay!!! Can't wait to get out of Sac for a few days and spend some quality time with my girls. hehe...Hi Chris & Amy!!!

Went to Best Buy last night and got 2 new compact flash cards for my camera that were on sale. They are suppose to be for professional photographers, etc. They are 2GB apiece so I can take over 500 pics on one card at full setting on my camera! whoo hoooooo!!!! the lowest medium and small settings my camera says that means over 1000 pics at those settings. LOL...My camera just doesn't go past the 3-digit number system. hehehe...

Ok, I'm at work but sneaked in a post real quick...back later. Everyone have a great Easter!!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hey!!! Look at that!!! I made Jan 2007!


Just saying HI real quick....trying to get back into blogging and working out and getting this weight off. ugh. I'm the slowest loser in the history of NS! LOLOL..i STILL have 40 pounds to lose from when i started. Ok, so i lost 23 for the wedding...then gained back. then lost, then gained, then lost and then i'm lost where I'm at! LOL...

But - Amy is having a renewal of vows for her 10 yrs in April and I'm going to be the official photograhper (she didn't have a choice - i forced her into letting me take the pics bwah ha ha!) so I need to get some fat off so I look good, cause she informed me that I will need to be in some pics with her. LOLOL...Chris gets to come too! We are going to fly out together and share a hotel room...shhhhhh...don't tell our hubbies!

Ok, I gotta get back to work now....end of month fun stuff as usual awaits me. :)

Hugs to everyone! do I get you all to start coming back and leaving me comments? LOL...