Monday, March 17, 2008


Emily's gonna KICK MY ASS if I don't post....

I don't even know what to say anymore! LOL...

I am getting ready to fly out to Calif soon ~ the end of April. Rob's youngest brother is getting married again (first wife died 2 wks after giving birth to their daughter). He has met the coolest chick! It took him forever (IMO) to pop the question! LOL

I'm going to be making their wedding cookie favors too. Yay! She picked out the hearts that have a bride's wedding dress and groom's tux w/white bowtie on them. Amy and I will be baking close to 200 of those suckers and then shipping them to my mom. I'll be flying there a week before the wedding and mom and my other SIL will help me decorate them, bag them up and tie them off.

That otta be fun since I also plan on having lunch a few days with my friends at my old job.

Still no job for me here. The temp agency doesn't have a lot going on. I could have had a job working at a bridal store...but they needed me THAT DAY that the temp place called me. Talk about last minute. We were having major sewer issues here in our apt that day, so I couldn't take a shower and Rob had taken the honda to work because his truck didn't start. So no way to take a shower and no way to get there. Guess that means something better is out there? LOL...let's hope so.

Right now I'm messing around making some Easter cookies for a friend back home who is out of work on leave until April 15th. I want to cheer her up. I've also been taking lots of great pic's around here, so I need to go post some on my photo site with Bear.

Ok, that's it for now I guess. LOL...Em, pretty please don't hurt me! Oh wait...I might like that tho! hehehe...especially coming from Em. :)


Emily said...

I didn't realize you were a masochist, Jan. It all makes sense now though.

How exciting that you are going back to Sacto for a visit. I'm going back to Phoenix in a couple of weeks and I'm so excited!

Sorry the job market has been so shitty. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Sheryl said...

Good to hear from you again, I found it to be hard to post again after such a long time off, but now I find myself thinking of topics during the day again.

It is good reason to stay away from the snacks - post on your blog!

But a glass of wine seems to make the post so much more interesting. ;o)

Danielle said...

Hey Jan!

Sorry to hear about the job stuff, but I hope the cookie business takes off! You guys so a great job! My sister in law is getting married over the summer so I'll show her your site. Oh, and I'll e-mail you about the golf basket we talked about a few months ago.

Have a good day!!

Jamie said...

Holy Shit....Jan posted!!! :) Nice to see ya back. Keep um coming!

Emily said...

Happy late birthday, Ms. Jan! I hope it was a great one and you partied like a rock star!

Emily said...

Okay, it's been four months. Time for another ass kicking if you don't post again soon! :)

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