Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Well, alrighty then!!!

It's been HOW LONG since I posted? wowza! Now for sure NO ONE will remember me. LOL

Boy oh boy do I miss the old days when we all use to blog more than hang out on the NSBB! hehehe...Emily (my FFF buddy!), Amy (my LLL), Chris, Tina (my F buddy!), Bob, Bear, Sue, Sherri, Danielle (wonder how the new baby is??), Amanda (oh the trouble that Amanda, Tina and I could get into! hehe), Jen...and the list goes on! I miss everyone...well except for Amy and Chris since I talk to them daily. LOL..and now that I live in Colorado Springs, I can see Amy any day I want. yay!

Some things never change tho...the NSBB is STILL NUTS-ZOID. only worse. LOL...I'm keeping my distance from there these days. It's a train wreck that only gets worse with each passing. So I think i'll stick to blogging again...hopefully I wont neglect it like I've done the past couple years...I mean, sheesh! A girl gets married (sorry Tina!) and she completely forgets to blog. tee hee pee.

Also, a girl gets married and GAINS weight. ugh. bleck.

Looking for work but hating it. LOL..Amy tries to help me by badgering me to call temp places. hehehe..jk amy! :) One down, a few more to go.

Oh hey Bear ~ I guess our blog is no longer a *west meets east* thing? LOL....any chance you want to start up our photo assignments again? Doesn't even need to be assignments per say...we could just post pics that we take for others to enjoy.

I hope everyone has a joyous Thanksgiving! We will be spending it at Amy's parents house this year. I've been allowed to bring my pumpkin cake. hehe...

Talk to me people! :)


Cygnet said...

Oh man! Two Girls on a Diet go Insane would've been a great name for your cookie business. Very catchy...hard to forget.. LOL
Glad you started blogging again--gives me something to read besides the NSBB.

Anonymous said...

LOL Jan, OK, so over 7 months since your last post. I haven't posted on mine in FOREVER either, but I still don't suck as bad as you do! hehe. LOL about your "2 girls on a diet go insane". Yep, you are correct. :) Also correct about the NSBB and how sometimes keeping your distance is just the wiser course of action. We both have too much else going on to let that drag us down... Hope you and bear can start up your photo blog again. I always loved you guys' pics!!!!!! Alright, gotta run and get Katrina to dance and then myself and Mike to hockey. Catch ya on Thursday for Thanksgiving. hehe.


OK, what the hell? It won't take my blogger password so I can sign in. LOL. Oh well..... I can be anonymous. :)

Jan said...

LOL.. Chris..no doubt.

Hey Amy, I know blogger (owned by google) changed their thing to be signing in with your gmail acct info...I use that now. Maybe try that?

Tressa said...

hey hon, glad to hear from you!!! k.i.t!!!!! now, don't fall off the blogger wagon ;-) cute cookies!!! mmm... i would totally eat them right now, but in a few days i go back to competition diet. have a happy thanksgiving!!!!!

Sherri said...

Hey chick! Nice to "see" you again! We've missed you!!! Hell I can't even find the NSBB anymore...lol....this is a much more user friendly place stay around for awhile PLEASE!

Shorty G. said...


I was wondering if you fell of the face of the internet. I am so glad you haven't ..... LOL

I am glad you came back to the NS Blog and you also posted here. I have been checking every once in a while, but no luck til now.

Well I am not doing too great with the weight loss either. I am almost back to where I started to begin with at the very beginning, but it will get better, I am working now and the food situation will only get better.

Sad to hear you moved away from Sac. But I know you are way happier where you are.

Gonna make this short and sweet, so I am gonna go for now. Love You Lots and Always .... OnWard and DownWard!!!!

Emily said...

I'm so glad you're back, Jan! I miss the blogging days like you wouldn't believe. I think I'm going to make my blog more accessible again. I miss FFF!

Congrats on the cookie business and good luck looking for work. No fucking way could I make cookies all day. I'd be 500 pounds!

Scarlett O'Hara said...

LOL..haven't been here in a few days...I keep forgetting to come back and check! LOL....i need to post some pics of Rob and I that Amy took on Turkey day....hehe...i gotta go visit my Em's blog too!!! :) I miss FFF as well! hehe...